Are you looking for someone to listen and join you fully in your journey of understanding your complicated and developing identity, understanding your emotions, or wrestling with the pressures of alcohol and drugs?

The challenges of the teenage years are well known by all, yet the teenage years are truly significant and wonderful as great changes are taking place. These years involve trying to find one’s place with other teens while at the same time trying to find one’s own uniqueness. This  life stage brings with it great misconceptions, arguments, hormonal changes, rebellion, and conflicts in general.

Teens and children are by far more at the mercy of the system they are a part of than a couple is at the mercy of a “society” or “system” bigger than themselves (families of origin, family of creation, friends, church community, workplace, et al). Therefore, teens are relatively powerless in improving their life circumstances without their parents help. Understanding this truth, parents are an essential part of their teen’s healing path.

When parents are not able or not willing to participate in the therapeutic process, the child/teen who is willing to commit to the work of therapy can be led on a path for inner peace through a probable difficult trial journey. This journey for the teen is usually a longer and harder road without a healthy family connection.

I find it amazingly beautiful to watch a family change and grow in love with each other in new and restored ways. To take notice of how each family member affects the others so deeply – either for good or for bad, is incredulous to watch. Family therapy can support your family through the difficult change to fight for the greatest good that will bring peace and growth to all members so that each can discern the vocation that was intended for them by their Creator. Life brings about so many challenges, therefore life without the safe haven of a loving family can be greatly debilitating for teens. The experience of relational healing in a safe haven allows the teen and all members of the family to blossom. In order to achieve growth for all, therapy may include sessions with the parents only, parent-teen, teen only, and parents and the teen as appropriate for each members needs and healing.

It is my hope and desire that your family will find a safe haven here to help you through the journey of your healing.

I want to support and guide you through this journey of discovery.

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“We may define therapy as a search for value.” – Maslow
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord – Jeremiah 29:11





Note: As you are encountering a faith-based practice, let it be understood that although my philosophy is based on my faith in God, I will never impose my faith upon a client. It is up to the client to decide how or if their own faith system will be incorporated explicitly into their therapy.