Are you finding parenting to be overwhelming and difficult?

Are you parenting alone or do you feel that you and your spouse (ex-spouse) are on different pages with parenting?

Are you finding it difficult or sometimes impossible to connect with your child/children?

I understand how incredibly challenging parenting can be, and I can support you by guiding you and equipping you with skills and strategies that will bring about positive change. I love to take notice of how each family member affects the others so deeply – either for good or for bad. I find it incredibly beautiful to watch this incredibly strong connection.

Therapy for parents helps parents tackle challenges for the greatest good, with the goal of providing and maintaining a place of love and safety for each parent and for the child. Covenant Family Connections can provide parents with the experience of healing and allow for all family members to bloom. For this reason, therapy may include sessions with parents only, parent-child, parents and the children as appropriate for their needs and healing.

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“He gives strength to the weary, He strengthens the powerless. Youths grow tired and weary, the young stumble and fall, but those who hope in Yahweh will regain their strength, they will sprout wings like eagles, though they run they will not grow weary, though they walk they will never tire.”
~ Isaiah 40:29-31.




Note: As you are encountering a faith-based practice, let it be understood that although my philosophy is based on my faith in God, I will never impose my faith upon a client. It is up to the client to decide how or if their own faith system will be incorporated explicitly into their therapy.