Does your marriage feel stuck? Is your relationship with your spouse not as good as it once was? I am here to help you grow in your marital relationship. Relationships are very complex, so I am here to help you grow as a married couple by understanding each other and working together. I can help you to uncover ways in which you can get to know yourself and your spouse more deeply, more compassionately, and with deeper love.

When persistent or damaging hurt has been present in the marriage, it is a wound to the bond with which God holds the two together. We often want quick fixes and find it hard to believe that suffering is a part of love. Therapy is helpful in reducing suffering and helping you as a couple find ways to eliminate a large part of the suffering through learning and integrating new coping methods, such as making changes in couple interplay, communication, and ways of demonstrating love. In therapy, you will learn to discern ways of loving that you’ve either forgotten or never knew. You will be aided in gaining insight into both yourself and your spouse, empowering you to strengthen your bond and once again find pleasure in your relationship.

To accomplish this, there will be individual sessions, couple sessions and possibly even family sessions – all according to your specific needs and issues. Every relationship has the stages of honeymoon and disillusionment, but those blessed relationships that agree to move to the working stage can achieve acceptance (not settling) and intimacy, that amazing sense of loving, belonging, trusting which is the good which God created us to achieve. Though this is hard earned, the joy of the end result is its own reward.


“Marriage is your own project for the world.”
~ Saint Pope John Paul II


Note: As you are encountering a faith-based practice, let it be understood that although my philosophy is based on my faith in God, I will never impose my faith upon a client. It is up to the client to decide how or if their own faith system will be incorporated explicitly into their therapy.