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DUE TO COVID – 19 SERVICES are mostly being offered through TELEHEALTH or OUTDOOR Therapy. Some in office availability. My priority is always to keep you safe.

Congratulations on beginning your search towards increasing connectedness and well being! Deciding to seek help is the most difficult part of the journey towards health and wholeness and yet Here You Are!  I would love to join you on your journey to help you rebuild your mind/body/soul connections as well as your relational connections. I am a Catholic Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is able to help you integrate your Christian perspective into your therapy sessions.

Therapy services are available for Couples, Families, and Individuals (adults and adolescence). I also offer Parent-Child Play therapy for ages 4-12, and EMDR Therapy for clients experiencing symptoms of PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Addictions.

You may contact me today at 423-402-8256 for a Free 10 min. consultation or email me at